A Yummy Halloween Treat to Scare Away the Holiday Week Stress

Halloween is just three days away!

If you’re like the rest of us #ChaoticCommuters, you’re thinking the same thing: WHY MUST IT BE ON A WEDNESDAY?!

Kids crazed for candy pay no mind to the fact that this eventful holiday is right smack dab in the middle of the work week. (And unfortunately for most of us, HR departments and cliental don’t consider it a federal holiday.) While they’re blinded with trick-or-treat excitement, us parents are already planning for Armageddon.

Rather than hiding from the scary holiday schedules, we have a solution. Try embracing them! Sure, last-minute costume malfunctions happen, and late-afternoon emails will go unanswered; but these are memories your children will recall for years to come.

So carve those pumpkins, dress up alongside the kids, and make time for new traditions. When everyone’s having fun, it makes for a happy Halloween!  

Here to help scare away the horrors of planning festivities on top of a busy workload is our friend and fellow #ChaoticCommuter, Mila Furman of Girl in the Kitchen.

Her go-to (and relatively healthy!) Halloween Candy Apple Pops are a tried-and-true recipe that’s bound to delight your littles. On her blog, Mila explains:

I have not been one for Halloween treats. I am not one of those crafty moms so those fun and artistic looking treats were never my thing. But as my munchkin gets older, I realize how much fun she has being in the kitchen with me…and how much fun I have sharing that special time with her….

Enter these adorable apple pops.

These pops were such a blast to make! The munchkin and I made them together first and her face lit up when I told her she got to EAT and PLAY with the chocolate.  We dipped the apples and decorated them in all sort of candies and sprinkles and she continuously thanked me and kissed me for such a fun activity.  

She totally and completely warmed my heart and convinced me that no matter the age…and no matter how much chocolate you end up getting on the counter…and the floor…and in your hair…and on your face…it’s all worth it.  It just is.

Click here to find the full instructions for these easy and adorable apple creations and let the holiday stress just melt away.

It’s time to have your candy and eat it too, mommas. 😏