End of the Rainbow Moments

When your babies are first born, there is such an overwhelming sense of joy, rightness in the world, and the instant feeling that you will do anything in your power to keep them safe, healthy, and happy. Then comes the sleep deprivation, the spit up, and the baby poop--which seem to be everywhere you look--and it can just be too much sometimes! You can’t wait until they just sleep through the night. Until they learn to walk and talk. Until they are potty trained. And then, before you know it, you have wished yourself into the terrible twos and threes and beyond.

And on comes the guilt for rushing your children’s childhood away. For just wanting two minutes of peace and quiet, free of tantrums, crying, and the constant mom, mom, mom--which seems to be the theme song of your life now.

But I realized, I had to start thinking of these milestones as end of the rainbow treasures. Moments in time that I could steal away in my heart and bring out whenever I liked. So beautiful and so fleeting.

I love, love, love babies. My babies, your babies, the baby in the cart in front of me in line at the grocery--they are my favorite people in the whole world! But they can’t stay babies forever, and while that is sad in so many ways, it is good for them to grow up and hit these milestones and learn to be amazing kids and adults.

So, when you get sad because your oldest starts kindergarten or middle school or graduates high school, then college, think about all the treasures you are collecting at the end of the rainbow at each milestone. You will have memories that will last you a lifetime, along with pictures, finger paintings, awards, and an instant recall of how much you love them when you see or remember these treasured moments.

I know firsthand how heartbreaking it is for them to not need you anymore, so embrace these moments because they will remember those words of encouragement for the rest of their lives.