I Will Love You Always

You’re not going to remember this, sweet boy,
But once I held you in my arms every night.

Away fell my day: the phone calls, the meetings, the title on my door

All that remained was you and me and the starlight peeking through the curtains.

I fed you and held you and embraced every sweet little baby boy smell;
I exuded love and caring.

I watched you sleep, hoping you’d sleep through the night but also hoping you didn’t, because then you might no longer need me, and that’d be one less snuggle we could share.

You won’t remember, but one time I was your everything--
Your beginning your middle and your end.

You loved me unconditionally, and I you.

You won’t remember, but one time your body fit in my lap and the cuddles were the sweetest--

Please remember that I will love you always.