Me Time

What does “me time” mean to you? I feel that “me time” is part of the equation for life’s healthy balance. I try to find “me time” as much as possible, and the reality is that “me time” can be as simple as a few minutes to myself with a cup of coffee, or as indulgent as a full day of alone time.  Sometimes when I am at my desk at work, I take a five-minute mental check-in to have my “me time.” As a working mother, this is one of the perks of having child care and kid-free time. I sip my coffee, read an adult document, and relish this part of my day.

As a working mom I also enjoy my “me time” at lunch. I take one hour to do the things I need to do. For example: nails, work out, get my lashes done (I know this is a complete luxury, but it is one of my favorite things I have done for myself in my thirties), take a walk around Chicago, meet girlfriends for lunch. So while I have guilt almost every day about not being with my kids more, I remind myself to think about life’s healthy balance and enjoy the “me time” before my next conference call begins.