Nail Time

I just wrapped up a conference call, sent one last email, and grabbed my wallet to rush out the door.  I have a manicure at lunch and I have exactly 38 minutes before I have to get back to the office for a sales meeting.

As a working mom, I try hard to be very conscious about my schedule.  When I am home, I don’t want to have to leave again to get a manicure or squeeze in a workout.  I want to be present with my kids and enjoy the time I have with them.

So, instead of taking leisurely lunches with co-workers, or chatting about last night’s Bravo! show, I try to fit in things like manicures, workouts, and even minimal grocery runs during my mid-day work break.

Today, as I sat across from my manicurist, who is also my therapist and friend, I thought about how important it is for me to have this time.  Getting my nails done is important. As I type away daily on my keyboard, looking down at freshly-polished nails puts a smile on my face. Having a fresh manicure is important to my appearance as a professional.  And by feeling pampered, I am able to regain the energy I need to put more of myself into my work and my family.

So in the world of essie nail color names, for me, as a working mom, I will continue to “rock at the top” in sparkly gold nail polish if I so choose!