Rent the Runway Changed My Life

After about two years and hundreds of clothes, I have come to the realization that Rent the Runway (“RTR”) has literally changed my life. Not only has it changed my life, but it’s changed my friends’ and colleagues’ lives (and also my amazing parents’ lives as they’re the ones that trek to RTR to do my exchanges for me!). If you do not know what Rent the Runway is, it is a company where you can rent amazing formal dresses and/or clothes to wear on an everyday basis.

Obviously, saving myself the drive to and from a department store, or a boutique, or even the local post office or UPS when an online purchase just doesn’t work and I decide to return it is a MAJOR benefit. I also don’t have to worry about scouring my usual online go-to’s for the best price on this season’s must-have coat or boots, and the time that I’d be shopping, driving, deliberating, and returning is time I can be with my family (or actually focusing on work), which we all know is INVALUABLE.

I participate in the unlimited RTR subscription option where you pay a monthly fee, get four pieces of clothing at one time, and keep the pieces until you want a new piece and must return one of the four. They carry some incredible brands and all the highest fashions.

I especially loved RTR when I was pregnant (and love it now during the post-pregnancy phase). I only had to invest in a few stretch leggings/jeans and could go up sizes in my tops depending on how big my tummy was. Post-pregnancy I love renting tops that are bigger than my normal size but aren’t pieces I will keep long-term (as they are sizes I hope to get out of soon!).

Their clothes make me feel put together, fashionable, and all-around good.  With the unlimited subscription, you get insurance on the products and they pay for dry cleaning. The only downside to the entire RTR experience is that occasionally the clothes arrive smelling a little off. They are “dry cleaned,” but they have a scent that I am not in love with.  If I put on the clothes, the smell goes away quickly (or I just don’t notice it anymore), and I am fine with the items.  It also helps if I keep them “aired out” in the bathroom the night before I wear them.

Overall, however, the smell does not deter me from renting. I absolutely love the freedom and look that RTR provides me. No matter what the occasion, I feel put together and ready to take on the day.  Have you tried RTR? Do you love it as much as I do?