Sweet Home, Chicago!

When I am faced with the loaded question When are you moving to the burbs?--a question I get asked at least once a week--I quickly respond “Never” and anticipate what (I know) will happen next.

Sunday Sweet Home Chicago.jpg

Usually, I’m met with judgement, confusion, and a list of questions: Where will you send your kids to school?  How will you ever have enough space? Won’t you miss all your friends? (just to name a few). My response every time is, “We will figure it out!”

I always say, “the city is our backyard,” but it didn’t hit me how true it was until this summer when we decided to take our daughter to The Taste of River North.  We had no set plans and thought it would be fun for her to listen to some live music and eat a bunch of delicious food, so at 10 a.m. we drove over to the festival and realized 1) it was about to pour and 2) it didn’t start for another hour.  Within 15 minutes, we were walking into the Shedd Aquarium. At that moment I looked at my husband and said, “We are blessed.”

I totally respect my friends and family for wanting to move to the burbs for the plethora of reasons they do it.  The space for your children to play, the walk-in closets, the free, top-notch education, the parking lots…the list goes on and on. The ease of it all makes sense; it is a simpler life.  

However, as I proudly say, our backyard is the city.  My daughter doesn’t have her own swing set, but she does have two different parks within a ten-minute walk from our condo. My husband and I also have a ten-minute commute home after work.  So, as I finish this blog post and wrap up my day, I know I will be able to spend an extra hour with my daughter tonight. I’m blessed.