Going back to work

When I had my first child, the thought of going back to work terrified me. At that time, I was working as a nursing supervisor, telling around fifteen adults how to adult. I didn’t want to tell fifteen adults how to adult. I wanted to stay at home with my baby because he is precious and something terrible would happen without my supervision. I cried for the entire week leading up to going back.

Then, my husband sent me an article. I couldn’t believe he had researched “How a New Mom Goes Back to Work,” but the article spoke to me. It said that you won’t be the same employee you once were, and that’s ok. You might no longer give it your all, but you can try your best. Your priorities will shift, and you have to make peace with that.

Try to figure out your balance. Make life as easy as possible for yourself. Go very easy on yourself. You got this.