Tips for Reading Aloud with Your Child

Do you ever feel like it’s hard to fit in those 15-20 minutes of recommended read aloud time with your child? As a Reading Specialist and classroom teacher, my mind was blown when parents told me that they just didn’t have time to read aloud nightly. I couldn’t imagine what was more important. Then, I had my son and realized how jam-packed the nights are. Sometimes we don’t even have time for a bath, so yeah, I get it. Here’s what you can do to help fit 15-20 minutes of read aloud time into your daily routine:

  1. Read a recipe aloud as you cook with your child. This is a great way to introduce them to different types of texts. Reading, and involving your child in the cooking process, helps them understand how to follow step-by-step directions and learn the layout of recipes. Hey, you never know, you might even teach your child how to prepare dinner for the family!

  2. Read during dinner. Get your whole family involved in the book selection. This will build excitement and make sure it’s an enjoyable experience for everyone. Reading during dinner will also help create dinner conversation. You can discuss the characters, predictions about what will happen next, and favorite parts of the story.

  3. Read in the car. I’m not suggesting that you take your eyes off the road and read a book, rather, engage your child in what is on the road. Read your child street signs, road signs, license plates, and billboards. When you point out and read these signs to your child, you are showing them that the print has meaning and is all around us. Engage your child in a fun game of I Spy. You can say, “I spy the letter s. I spy something red. Look, it’s a stop sign. That tells me that I need to stop my car before I can continue  driving.”

  4. Read while you’re waiting. Bring books along in your car, purse, or your child’s backpack. You never know when you might get to soccer practice five minutes early or have to wait twenty minutes at the car wash. Reading while waiting is a great use of time and gets your child into the habit of picking up a book instead of a phone or tablet.

  5. Read while your child is in the bath. Bathtime is the perfect time to unwind and read a story aloud. What sounds better than a relaxing bath and a good read? Oh right, your child is the one in the bath and is probably splashing water out of the tub while you try your best to read aloud. Scratch the relaxing part, but still a good time to squeeze in a fifteen-minute read.

Following these tips will help you and your child enjoy the daily 15-20 minutes of read-aloud time without feeling rushed. Get your Reading Boots on and enjoy the journey. Happy reading!

Alyse is a children’s reading enthusiast with over 12 years of teaching experience working with beginning readers in public schools and private settings. As a reading expert, Alyse’s mission is to educate as many parents as possible on how to elevate the read-aloud experience with their children. Alyse founded Reading Boots to teach parents effective strategies, quick tips, and tricks of the trade to support the important role of parents in helping their children progress as readers. To stay up to date on the latest, follow Alyse at


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