Snow Days

Snow Days: The only good part of winter; a full nine hours of pajamas, Hallmark movies on repeat, and hot chocolate with marshmallows, hold the hot chocolate. Snow days as an adult are just as magical, if not more amazing, than they were as a kid---no work, no responsibilities, and no rules.
Snow days as a working momma: Scratch all the above, insert pure torture.

A snow day as a working mom is a chaotic symphony of snow blowing, daycare closings, alternate child care-finding, and arriving to work three hours late due to the aforementioned list of chores and the non-existent speed you drove on your way to avoid an unnecessary car accident that would just add to the misery.

Long gone are the days when a snow day was a longed-for treat. Snow days as a working mom are cold, long, and stressful.

It’s our first big snow of the season, and our first snow day--just shy of the first of December--and I already can’t wait for summer.