What is for dinner?

What is for dinner?

Quite possible the worst four words in the English dictionary. My

Husband and I exchange this same text at least 4 times a week, what's for dinner? Obviously there are slight variations used depending on my mood taking form as:

  • what should we eat tonight?

  • dinner?

  • are you hungry?

The question may differ, but the answer is usually always the same, I don’t know, what do you want?

I’ll tell you what I want. I want you to go to the grocery store, pick a protein, a veggie or two, and a grain. Grab a nice bottle of white while you are at it. Oh, and milk, grab some milk because we are most likely running low on that too.

Then come home, cook, and serve it on paper plates so I don’t have to lift a single finger cleaning up. If you would be so kind to do all of that without calling me 7 times asking me if we are out of mustard, or olive oil, or French dressing. That would be nice.

And you know what else would be nice? Cook enough for leftovers. So we could avoid this conversation for at least one more night.