Working from Home is a Total S!*T Show

So, my husband and I had the good idea to stay home together, work from home, and have the nanny come and be with the kids. The oldest was at school (in first grade), but the four-month-old and four-year-old were home for the day.  Total S#*T Show! The four-year-old wanted to “work” with us, which consisted of throwing crayons and toys at our head. The baby cried all morning, and then--the show stopper--the four-year-old literally ran into our baby gate, hit his nose on the stair, and we think he broke his nose!  

We were trying to balance all that activity with conference calls, emails, and project deadlines.

I am sure many of you have your own work from home stories, but wow--it is no easy task! Where are the days of kids sitting calmly and doing Legos, building blocks, or “reading” quietly? Instead, I literally feel like a juggling clown trying to keep the mute button on and not have a child crying in the background.