Quick! I Need a Babysitter!

Ok. Hear me out. Let’s discuss how you manage your day. If you’re like me, you set your alarm at 6:30 AM because you need five f-ing minutes alone downstairs in your kitchen with your coffee. ALONE.  Then you wait til the last possible minute to get your kids from their beds because, again, you just want to be alone.

You trek upstairs, and you think okay, I’ve got this today. I’m going to manage it all, I’m going to get my kids ready for school, feed them, get them on their way, get a workout in, and manage my to-do list of work and personal assignments.  Side note—I love, love, love a list, maybe more than I love my kids?  

If you aren’t with me yet, here it comes. It’s 8:03 AM on Monday, and you’re already thinking about how you NEED a sitter for Saturday night. And maybe for Friday night too?  

But, you remember your normal sitter is on a college visit, and you have no sitter lined up. 


Well ladies and gents…I have a solution, and it does not involve texting 15 friends or searching the Facebook Moms Group for parents posting that their teenager wants to babysit.

It is a new app called Bambino Sitters.

Wait. What? No—I can’t trust my kids with a babysitter found on an app.

Yes, you can. That’s because Bambino leverages your social network to find local sitters that local families have used and recommended. Bambino’s goal is to modernize the way in which we find, book, and pay parent-recommended, neighborhood-trusted sitters. Further, the app adds an extra layer of safety by vetting each sitter and requiring them to have both a Facebook account and a bank or Venmo account.  

Bambino was created by our CEO, Sean Greene, and this is his story:

With three active boys and two wonderful girls ranging from 6 to 19 years old, our household certainly keeps life interesting. We love our kids more than anything, but sometimes you just need a break. Not a vacation. Not a lost weekend. We’re talking hours -- a few precious hours. And so, after a pair of particularly long days at work, we found ourselves at one of those ‘sometimes’ moments, and just thinking about the process of finding a last-minute sitter was exhausting. So, we stayed in. No dinner, no movie, no date-night.

This is when Sean said “There’s gotta be an app-for-that, right?”

Bambino was created to help bring balance back into our lives because being a parent and a functioning adult should not be mutually exclusive. With Bambino we’re modernizing how we find, book, and pay parent-recommended, neighborhood-trusted sitters, and restoring fexibility back into the lives of the people who deserve it most, the parents. It’s been said that it takes a village to raise a child, and we couldn’t agree more. We developed Bambino with the belief that it takes a trusted community to find a quality sitter.

So whether you need a few hours on Saturday night, or a snow storm wreaks havoc on your day, try Bambino to find a sitter that you can trust. I promise you won’t be disappointed.