Go Outside and Play

The same advice I give to my kids, I follow myself. I never go too long without doing something outside.

I’m usually social and energetic; I like interacting with people, and I don’t mind the day-to-day grind or stress of my job. I enjoy lots of intellectual decision-making at work, and I love being a mom and a wife.

However, I have another side that occasionally compels me to retreat from the world completely, just for a while. I feel an incredible itch to go and just be: I don’t want to make any decisions, I don’t want to answer emails or calls, and I don’t want to be social.

In a world where you can be reached anywhere at any time, what’s a person like me to do? I pack a bag for me and my husband--and sometimes the kids too--and we head to the mountains, a small beach town, or the desert for a night or two. I like to be somewhere that’s quiet: no television, no cell service, in the middle of nowhere. Somewhere that I can see all the stars, smell the leaves on trees, and hear rivers. I love the peace of not hearing typical daily noise (elevators dinging, phones ringing, bosses bossing); it brings me back to life.  The earth has its own recharge button, and mine is being away from the hustle. We hike, we eat, we drink wine, we lay outside by the stars, we play in the river, we play card games, we don’t talk about anything serious, we tell stories, and we leave feeling more whole with each other and with this world.

I desperately need the solitude from time to time--it’s just who I am--but I’ve also noticed that it’s good for anyone that comes along with me. These little escapes aren’t my husband’s or kids’ first choice of adventures, but somehow, when we leave, they all say that was amazing! and I love you so much.

Not bad for taking your own advice and going outside and playing!