My Love Affair with Bambino

It's 6:30 PM on a Saturday night. You just got home from yet another little gym birthday party, and your 2 and 4 year old are bouncing off the walls. "Damn, " I say to my husband, "We could really use a night out." But wait! My doorbell magically rings and Ally, our heaven-sent babysitter angel arrives at our door. How did we find this treasure?

Enter Bambino, the greatest online app invented since Tindr, Dominos, and Doordash COMBINED.

I've been one of those super lucky moms that has used my in-laws or mother to babysit our two toddlers. I can count the number of times I've had to pay for a babysitter on one hand. Pay for a babysitter?! Blasphemy!

Well, the time has come for our parents to get a break. They're getting older and we should really stop being such moochers. But how will I ever find a reliable sitter without stalking Facebook and begging friends for their coveted caregivers?

Bambino was the answer to my prayers. I downloaded the app and was amazed to find tons of babysitters in my area all setting their own price based on their experience. No more awkward conversations about how much/hour. No more wondering if they can drive (there's an icon that tells you that). The sitters write bios about themselves. They tell you if they have experience with infants, if they like pets, if they're CPR certified! No more calling/texting/begging randoms that you don't know. Reviews of babysitters by the bounty. How did I not think of this?!

Best of all, my new BFF is Abby, the Bambino app’s community coordinator. She texts me about the sitters I'm interested in and gives recommendations about the app. My personal guru. THANK YOU.

Needless to say, we had a fabulous night out with another couple who also used the app. We both couldn't believe that we could pay THROUGH THE APP with a CREDIT CARD! No more cash or Venmo.

I was worried because my little guy has trouble falling asleep and will sometimes cry for seriously long periods of time (hello fellow cry it out moms). I texted Ally through the app to find out if he stopped crying and she responds "yep all good! enjoy your dinner!!" 

After a wonderful night out, we returned to our peaceful home and paid Ally though the app. It legit could not have been easier. 

Thank you Bambino for simplifying our search for the elusive perfect babysitter so we can get some much needed adult time where I don't have to eat a meal in 4 minutes.

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