I'll Be Your Breast Friend

If I have learned anything, my working/pumping/sleepless mamas, it is that you will be the last person on your mind. Between getting your child to daycare, trying to remember that project you’re working on at work, commuting, feeding your child, your pet, your husband--you and your boobs, yes I said it, your boobs--will be your last priority.

Today I had a total working, pumping mama mishap: I forgot my breast pads!  I am currently on my 19th month of breastfeeding--not consecutive--but let’s face it, I feel like I have never stopped as I have two young kiddos.  

My chest has taken on a world of its own, and forgetting breast pads this morning may cause a sight worse than Janet Jackson at the Super Bowl.  So, while I look for any option from toilet paper to how fast Amazon can get to my office, I have put together some recommendations for pumping mommies so you don’t end up like me!

  1. Keep your pump in a pump bag with all the necessary supplies. This allows you to not have to move the pump from one location to another all the time and keeps you from forgetting things.

  2. If you are able, have a pump drawer at work for extra supplies. Sound expensive? Trust me, it is worth it. Spending the extra $20 on storage bags on Amazon or buying an extra flange will be worth it when you have a pump that has malfunctioned and then keeps you uncomfortably and miserably engorged at work.  So, buy extra storage bags, extra flanges, extra membranes, extra tubing, and extra breast pads. It also may not be a bad idea to bring an extra shirt for times like when I accidentally spilled a whole bag of milk all over myself (no, I’m not kidding).

  3. Cooler bag and cooler block. Most of your pumps will carry this accessory and typically can be found either on Amazon (or it will be in stock on the actual website itself).

Hopefully these helpful hints will keep you from having a nip slip like me!