Mommy you're my best friend

Last night, as I put my daughter down to sleep, she looked at me with the most adoring expression on her face and repeated those five little words that make everything worth it:

Mommy you’re my best friend.

Those words--followed by a long, meaningful embrace--let me forget, just for a moment, the hour-long temper tantrum she had at dinner, that I said, “I’m going to count to three ONE MORE TIME, Do you need to go to time out, Please remember to use your words, and Is that how a big girl acts,” way too many times to count today.

Her bedtime words helped me remember that I need to live in the moment, count my blessings, and enjoy my kids just being, well, kids!

In this crazy role called motherhood, sometimes I find myself getting way too caught up in the hundred…who are we kidding, million…things that I need to get accomplished in a day, that I find myself not paying attention to what really matters. Work can follow you home…whether it’s emails still to write, phone calls still to return…I may be physically present at home, but my mind is too often back at the office. It can be too easy to move through my hours at home on autopilot, never fully BEING there.

Do you ever feel like you have days or weeks where you have so much on your plate and are so consumed with what YOU have to get done that you are just shuffling and ordering you kids around, trying to get them to behave so that you can make it all work? Wishing away the work week, just trying to get to the weekend…just trying to get through the pile sitting on your desk (and in your mind)?

Let’s all just take a moment to stop directing, be present, listen, and just enjoy those five little words before it becomes time for another best friend to take our place.