Mom Bod

Today I want to be real and honest. I had a baby six months ago, and while this time in my life is joyful and wonderful—bringing a new soul into this world and all—my confidence in my body is at the lowest it has ever been! Well, that’s not totally true, it was also low after I had my first two boys. The time between pregnancy and “back to normal” is tough.  I am still in maternity jeans, my arms are bigger than I want them to be, and when I recently saw myself in a photo I thought, “Wow, you look like a blob.”

I know many of you are thinking, be nice to yourself, be kind to yourself--you just had a baby! But the problem is, so many women I know “bounce back” and look amazing just two months out.  Also, my trouble area has always been my tummy, so when I’m pregnant my trouble area is a beautiful bump. Throughout my nine months of pregnancy, I was able to wear amazing tight shirts that “showed off the bump,” and now I find myself trying to cover it up!  The other day someone said to me, “Who cares if you have a mom bod!” What?? I thought. A mom bod?!

I know soooo many moms who look amazing after having a baby.  I don’t want to just give up! I get up before work, work out, pack my lunch, etc. I work hard! It needs to show! So, as I write this post, I keep reminding myself to give it time. But the reality is that “time” is the one thing we just can’t get back, and I want to be my best me now!  

What tricks have worked for you? How many months did it take you to have the body you wanted? Are you struggling on this path like me?