Another Bambino Review for Our Chaotic Commuters

Not going to lie, I am always one of the first of my friends to jump on any new app--hello Twitter, Pinterest, HQ, theSkimm.  I always try to get my friends and family on board, and they politely make excuses or tell me they will download the app later (they never do, by the way). Then, a few months later, there is some article about said app in a hip and trendy magazine or something and go figure...they all download it and talk about how up and coming it is. I keep my mouth shut, but inside I’m saying “I told you so” and “Ugh, I totally could have gotten them to use my referral code!”

I saw Bambino being promoted here and there on Facebook, and I ignored it every time. It honestly just reminded me of another, Sittercity, etc. I was totally judging a book by its cover because I never even downloaded the app to check it out. I just assumed. I’ve had awful experiences with pretty much all babysitting and daycare apps, so it was a HARD no for me to download this. 

We just moved to Illinois (Northbrook to be exact) 18 months ago. We have zero help here, and no connections to help us find sitters. I have used a local babysitting Facebook group to find sitters, but I have yet to feel truly comfortable with any of them.  Since it’s been such a busy time with the holidays, and there are many nights that we need sitters, I finally decided to take the plunge and download Bambino.  

The moment I opened the app, a huge sense of relief came over me. I know that sounds super corny and exaggerated, but I literally texted my husband at work and told him that we no longer have to worry about sitters. Ever! 

No more checking references that you can’t be sure are real (or actually just written by friends of the sitters).

No more uncomfortable conversations about how much the sitters charge. 

No more searching through cabinets for a checkbook--I mean, who uses checks anyway these days? 

But the best part is, now my husband and I can BOTH drink and let loose during a night out without our monsters. I mean animals. I mean children. Why could we not BOTH drink and let loose before, you ask? Oh yes, that’s because our sitters normally didn’t drive. But thanks to Bambino, we can now see whether or not a sitter drives, thanks to an easy-to-find icon. 

We can also see reviews and ratings without having to ask for references and a resume. And just as an added bonus, the local community coordinator, Abby, might even text you her personal experience with the sitters you are using. Celebrity status???

This past weekend we had plans to go out with another couple who were also Bambino virgins. Our sitter arrived right on time, and she couldn’t have been sweeter or more professional. She checked in when she got here, and she checked out once we got home. No cash, no checks, no Venmo--this couldn’t have been easier. 

We have another sitter booked for a couple of weeks from now, but honestly, after our first experience I may or may not want to use a sitter every weeknow instead of our usual twice-a-month date nights.  Bambino is seriously too good to be true.