How to Survive Your First Work Trip while Breastfeeding

My first work trip as a breastfeeding mommy was quite the experience. Before, the biggest stress might have been double-checking your purse for your ID and wallet; but now, as a mommy on the move, carry-on luggage includes a pump, milk storage bags, and a sharpie, all on top of the normal essentials!

I was so stressed about this extra luggage. How to keep it cool? Do I want to store it as liquid or frozen? How do you get through security? Where do I pump at the airport?

Needless to say, I survived to tell the tale and you can too! Here are three important things I learned in my post-baby work travels.

  1. Co-workers are a lifesaver!

    Traveling with supportive co-workers was truly helpful. Many of them are either new moms or have been been through similar experiences and were able to lend a helping hand when needed.

  2. Check to see if the airport has a mother’s room or a private area to pump.

    The American Airlines Admirals Club worker had no idea where a mother’s room was, but was truly accommodating as she set me up to pump in a private storage closet. Not the most glamorous, but it got the job done!

    Unfortunately, at this time, not all airports will have a dedicated area for a mother’s room, or staff may not be familiar with its location. I suggest scoping out your airport online beforehand to see if they have one and where it’s located.

  3. Use the Milk Stork cooler to ship your breast milk home.

    This is not a sponsored post, but Milk Stork is a great company that helps you get your pumped breast milk home safely and efficiently. Click here to check out how their process works!

    Overall, don’t be afraid to ask questions, prepare ahead of time, and trust that all will go well!

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Let’s hear from our other Chaotic Commuters! What advice would you give to another breastfeeding, traveling mommy? Share with us below. :)