PSA to Working Moms: Let These 2 Pieces of Advice Sink In

There are moments in my life that I remember clear as yesterday. I was 5 years old, watching a movie with my sister while she lay on the trundle bed below mine. I was 12 years old at camp and singing at the top of my lungs in the mess hall. I was 14 years old on the ice about to do my first solo performance and beaming from ear to ear.

These moments helped build who I am, but the memories I go back to most of all are those where people in my life have given me advice on how to “find balance” between children, career and everything in-between.

“You can only be present in one place, so choose where you need to be and be the best you in that moment.”

I recently went to Six Flags Great America with my two older boys, and while in the water park I had my cell phone in the locker.  It was the first time, since I could remember, that I didn’t have my cell phone plugged to me. IT WAS AN AMAZING FEELING. I knew that my baby was safe at home, and that if there were any problems at work I had a great team that would cover me for a few hours (on a Sunday). I took in every single minute with my boys and I tried to really listen to what my three year old was saying. I laughed with him, went on the water slides, and really enjoyed each and every moment.

“Say yes to your children.” (When appropriate 😊).  

One of the books that has stuck with me is Shonda Rhimes’ autobiography, “The Year of Yes.”  There is a section of the book where she describes saying “yes” to playing with her children. Her scenario was when her child asked her to play pretend when she was on her way out to a fancy party.  She said she debated saying yes, but than sat down in her big ball gown and started playing pretend with her fancy skirt all around her. My kids are not going to be little forever, so since reading this advice, I really take the time to evaluate if being a few minutes late to work or a dinner meeting will be the end of the world. And guess what, most times it’s not.

In fact, it’s worth the few extra minutes of staying present and in the moment with my kiddos.


What is some of the advice you have gotten regarding work life balance that you would like to share with our Chaotic Commute community? Comment and share with us!