The suburbs- a boring, green, Mariano infested few cities that was way too far from normal life and way too close to my parents.    

It’s crazy to think that no more
than 5 years ago this was a place
I couldn’t imagine living.

After living in Miami for four years, followed by subsequent Chicago city life for almost 10, the burbs seemed like a real life nightmare where the food didn’t taste as good and going out would be a chore. In my mind “they”, the suburbs, were the epitome of getting old. There would be no more Saturday nights of vodka sodas, or Sunday morning Bloody Mary brunching with the girls. There would be no more walking to dinner at the newest and greatest West Loop restaurant, no taking the L to work in the loop, no sirens, no cabs, and certainly no friends. After all, who in their right mind moves to burbs?

Then, city life as I knew it began to change. I got married, had a baby, changed jobs. We needed more space, wanted to be closer to those parents who I once feared would live too close, and imagined our children playing outside with the neighbors until the street lights came on.

Isn’t it funny? After all those doubts, mocking the young suburbanites, dreading leaving the 312, all of a sudden, at least for us, I found nothing more appealing.

Moving to the burbs meant 3 sets of parents within a 20 minute, non bumper to bumper drive. A garage, filled with power wheels, a snow blower and two cars. A very non urban jungle, but a backyard, a swing set and a water table.

I have neighbors. Neighbors who invite us over to their backyard pool on a random Saturday afternoon, a far cry from Brunch and Bloodys, but a good time nonetheless. We have a patio, a lawnmower, garbage cans that need to be brought out on garbage day, and brought back at night.

And would you even believe it?
We’ve made friends.

Friends who have lived in the burbs all their lives, friends who just moved here, like us, transplants from the city. Friends with kids, without, who like to laugh, watch tv, and enjoy a nice night out.

Oh! And My goodness, we even have fireflies! I get to come after work, run up and down the sidewalk, yes, I said it- sidewalk, with my daughter, play in the grass and swing on her #RainbowSwingSet in the backyard. Best of all, we end the night chasing fireflies and eating ice cream from the ice cream truck that just lit up the neighborhood with playful song, luring all the kids and adults alike from their dinner tables to the street.

Some days I miss the hustle and bustle of city living, but for now, I’ll take all the fireflies the #burbs have to offer.