Why I Work

So, I am recently back at work from maternity leave from having my second, and last baby.

Oftentimes, when talking to coworkers, friends, or acquaintances, I am asked, “how are you adjusting to being back at work?”

And my answer?  

“I am good!”

First off, it was never a question of whether or not I was going back to work. To enjoy my lifestyle, afford my new house in the suburbs, and support my bi-weekly manicures, I work.  

To be a role model for my kids, I work.

For my own sanity and to be able to interact with adults who don’t have peanut butter filled fingers or call me Mom, I work.

To feel a sense of accomplishment, to be needed in a different way, and to feel empowered, I work.

And truly, I feel that for me, I am a better mom, because I work.

Oftentimes, on leave, I said to myself and to others that being home with two kids was a much harder job than the one I get paid for.

So, I am good!  


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