Lunchtime Crunchtime: The New Sweaty Me

Working out has always been a big part of my life. In college, the elliptical was my go-to place for memorizing note-cards. Pre-baby, I was usually starting my day at a 6AM bootcamp or finishing it at an evening barre class.

Back then, I rarely missed a day of exercise or activity, but nowadays finding time to hit the gym is harder than ever. Anyone who is a working mom that also desperately needs a social life can understand that!

Working out gives me energy, makes me feel confident in myself, and helps me have better focus in other areas of my life. So it was simple: find the time and get to work. 💪

So mamas, in between pre-school pick-ups and after-work cocktail hours, when do we squeeze in gym time?

The answer: lunchtime!

Hear me out! Lunchtime is actually a hidden gem to a working mom. Still not sold on giving up a lunch break?

Here are 6 quick reasons to convince you:

  1. You don’t have to get up stupid early and you are still done before work is over.  

  2. You don’t have to worry about schlepping your child to a mediocre gym childcare.  

  3. If you work in the city, you can even reactivate your ClassPass membership from your wedding diet days.

  4. There is practically some sort of studio on every corner. If you are a workout class junkie like me you will quickly learn no class is ever full at lunch (even if it’s the most popular teacher).

  5. I never have to worry about losing money if a meeting pops-up because I usually sign up on my walk to class.  

  6. I have a list of all the classes I like to take on my desk so if I can’t make the 11:15AM C1 Yoga I know I can jet over to the 12:30PM Barry’s, And if that doesn’t work I can always run to another yoga class at the end of our block.

While I’m totally on the lunchtime crunch-time train, this new revelation definitely doesn’t come without its own drawbacks. With meetings and projects waiting back for me at the office, showers and getting full-on ready is out of the question.

As a result, afternoons at work tend to be a little sweatier and that cute outfit I carefully planned for the night before gets retired early. But let’s be real, those cute outfits I used to wear are now retired for Lululemon 24/7 anyway. (I’m lucky my office doesn’t have a strict dress code!)

But you know what? I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Lunch time workouts have given me back my sanity. They’ve given me more time with my husband and daughter. And they’ve given me a laser focus on hitting my workload as hard as I hit the gym.

The new me doesn’t sweat; she glistens. ✨