5 Fruity Back-to-School Snacks For Kids & Moms On-The-Go

Back-to-school may very well be one of the most chaotic times for a Chaotic Commuter. The whole family is on-the-go, leaving very little time for creative thought behind snack time.

Thankfully, our close friends and produce experts at Produce Alliance are here to help! PA’s culinary expert, Chef Steph, has offered up a few healthy suggestions to help your little ones get their fruit and veg fill even if there’s only 10 minutes to spare.

Super simple, easy for small hands to manage, and of course, fun for everyone!


Purchasing the little packs of apple slices can be expensive and bulky in your fridge. Save money by making your own.

Here’s how: Cut an apple into slices and soak in the ice bath for 10 minutes. Drain the apple slices and transfer to snack-size resealable baggies.


Keep your kid's lunch pack cold while also offering a fresh smoothie in an eco-safe reusable jar.

Here's how: Just make a week's worth of smoothies with berries, ice, a touch of milk, and a handful of fresh spinach (I promise, your kid won’t even know it’s there). Pour them into reusable glass jars or plastic, sealable cups, and freeze. Pop one in the lunch pack in the morning to keep the other items cold. By lunchtime the smoothie will be drinkable and perfectly chilled.


The little to-go dipping snacks are very popular these days but you can make your own.

Here's how: Spoon peanut or almond butter into the bottom of a sippy cup. Stick long pretzel sticks, apple slices (treated with lemon juice, as suggested above), celery sticks, and carrot sticks into the nut butter and close the top. Then, your little one can dip and snack after school.


This frozen Nutella-fruit pudding is perfect for a school snack.

Here's how: Spoon Nutella into the bottom of small reusable plastic cups. Top with pureed banana, sliced peaches, pitted cherries, or any other fruit your kids love. Close the lid and freeze. The next day, pop one into a lunch box with a little wooden spoon. The snack will stay cold all day.

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Banana Sushi

Banana sushi is an easy and yummy school snack.

Here's how: Coat bananas with jam or nut butter, then slice and roll them into tasty toppings like sprinkles, cereal, mini marshmallows, shredded coconut and shaved chocolate.