Let's Get Ready to Rumble!

How I stay sane during football season

After a long work week, all that you want is a relaxing weekend, and now the dreaded football season is here--so how do I cope/stay sane. . .

  1. Giselle’s Groupies. What’s that you ask? My fantasy football league. Why should my husband be the only one who gets to cheer on his players come Sunday afternoon? My girlfriends and I are on year 5 of our league, and we are stronger and more competitive than ever before. We may not choose our teams based on athletic ability, but our commitment to our lineup is no less than anyone who does.

  2. Appetizers. What’s football Sunday without a delicious spread of hearty appetizers? Meatballs, Mac and cheese bites, good ole fashioned Doritos (Nacho Cheese or Cool Ranch, I won’t discriminate). I will never turn down an opportunity to pick at finger foods for the large majority of the afternoon. The “icing on the cake” – winter is right around the corner which means big sweaters and heavy coats. I’ll have months to shed the extra calories I intake lounging on the couch each weekend before anyone even knows I’ve gained them.

  3. Me time. While my husband and his buds are watching the big screen, and the baby is napping, I finally have an opportunity to lay in my bed, watch whatever I want on the bedroom TV, and veg out. Alone. There is no one nagging me to turn on Sing or yelling at me that the Bachelor in Paradise is an insult to my intelligence. Instead, I can usually get about 2 un-interrupted me time hours. Thank you Packer/ Bears. You can go into overtime.

  4. Halftime. It may only last for 13-15 minutes, but it’s long enough for me to look forward to all season long. If I had my choice we would see JT every year, although I’m not opposed to some Beyoncé, Katy Perry, Cold Play or mix thereof.

  5. Tom Brady. I mean, have you seen him? Enough said.

Hope your drafts went well. Let’s get ready to rumble!