Done.... and Fabulous!

“Oh my gosh she’s so cute! How old is she??”

“Four months,” I reply.

“Is she your first?” they ask.

“No, my second; I have a three-year-old boy, and now I am DONE!” I say confidently.

And then a voice in my head wonders, is that wrong of me to say?

Is it wrong of me to be so sure that, as a healthy, 35 year-old woman, I am done having kids?

I almost feel guilty that I don’t want more kids. Trust me, I love these two children more than I ever imagined. I would honestly do anything to protect them and care for them. I love every part of them, even after a long day at work, or when they wake me up at 4AM, or when they spill a whole box of Cheerios all over the kitchen floor right after I clean up. But, at almost 35, I have two healthy kids--one of each gender--and I am DONE.

After almost five years of being pregnant and two C-sections later, it is time to focus on me! On my body, on my career, on me!

So judge if you want, but as I like to say: the second half of my 30’s are going to be fun, I am going to be fit, and it will be fabulous!

Is it wrong of me to feel this way?