Reducing the Chaos in the Commute Through Life

Working moms have been asking themselves for decades, “Why can’t we have it all?”   

Can’t we have kids, a career, a passionate marriage, and a bustling social life? And when we do seem to “have it all” chaos tends to become normal and expected.

Aside from the judgment and criticism that can come from outsiders, I believe the question isn’t “can” but rather “how”.

How can we learn to juggle all of the responsibilities that come with “having it all”? And furthermore, how can I give myself permission to have everything I want without sacrificing who I am in the process?

It is possible to have it all, but know that it is going to look different for everyone. It requires the following:

  1. Giving yourself permission to pursue all that you want and nothing you don’t.

  2. Learning to prioritize and manage realistic expectations.

  3. Making space in the body to support emotional capacity.

  4. Saying “no”.

  5. Practicing self-care.

As a dance/movement therapist, I believe the most valuable resource doesn’t come from a book, but the body.

Making room for everything starts with the body.

Our bodies never lie and even if our mind is telling us one thing or trying to convince us of something, our body knows the truth. Practicing body-fullness (mindfulness of the body) will quickly reveal emotional and physical limits.

Additionally, by being more present to our bodies, we can increase our capacity and tolerance for things that create and contribute to the chaos in our daily lives.  

When all is said and done, it is vital that we ask ourselves, “Who am I doing this for?”  If your achievements and goals are not for you, then you will have a hard time managing the emotional energy it takes to live inauthentically.

Tap into what truly makes you happy and you will feel like you already have it all!