Two Year Old Twins, Two Jobs and Two Pieces Of Advice

I have two year old boy/girl twins. I stay home with my kids two days during the work week.

I have two jobs: one as an attorney and one at our Judaica baby goods start-up company, Chai Five Blankets. I have two pieces of advice for you, whether you are a #ChaoticCommuter or a random person who happened to creepily run across my blog post.

Laugh and Wing it!

On paper it may look like I have hit ninja warrior status of the working-mom competition. In reality, my gmail account proudly holds over 10,000 unread messages...12,579 to be exact. I am lucky if I have time to shower. I am even luckier if I can shower & finish off a cup of hot coffee before it gets cold.

Alternatively, if I can finish an iced coffee before the skim milk in it expires then, folks, it has been a miracle of a day.  While some moms may fear this lifestyle, if you just roll with the punches and see where the day takes you and laugh along the way, it will make being a #ChaoticCommuter more palpable, perhaps even very enjoyable!

Some examples follow, that I wish for the sake of my sanity were hypothetical, but rest assured they are not.

When your kids are being quiet (a rarity) and you walk into their room to find them plastering toothpaste and aquaphor all over themselves you laugh, take a picture (great future wedding montage footage) and then you freak out. During the call to your husband to plead for help, you at least start the phone call with giggling before the tears come pouring out.

When you receive an important call, but your children insist on listening to “Fifty Nifty United States” on repeat, at the loudest volume Amazon’s Alexa can handle, you just wing it. You tell the listener about your children’s patriotic obsession with the song, circa your 3rd grade music class, and you take that call like the #ChaoticCommuter that you are.   

Does humor solve all of my problems? Certainly not.

Yet, humor can turn my daughter’s inability to sleep (still at over 2.5 years old) into an opportunity for some fantastic storytelling. I love my little roomate, by the way. Also, any sleep consultants out there? Not asking for a friend.

Does my ability to wing it make me a super mom? Well, if it did then I would get a lot less stares at the stores when dealing with the terrible twos times two. But when those terrible fours hit (bada bing on that math joke) during a 7am run to CVS, I just whip out some lollipops and showcase to the world that my kids are eating the newly FDA approved breakfast of champions!

Through it all, I know my kids will be going places in life...even if they are only going for repeat cavity fillings at the dentist.

Do I know how to write a response brief and argue it before the Court? Child’s play. That is something they taught me in law school. Do I know how to post about Chai Five Blankets on social media to target our niche market? Sure, that is what You Tube tutorials are for.

By, the way if you are in need of a “My First” jewish holiday blanket then check us out!  

Chai Five Blankets

Chai Five Blankets

But, my friends (both real and virtual), do I know how to master it all with twins, work deadlines, preschool, conference calls and checking on the status of my Amazon Prime order? (I promise Amazon is not affiliated with this posting.)

Sure, I know how to master it all. Guess what, so do you! You have all the tools you need at your fingertips (especially if you are into miming as a form of comedy). Just add a little humor to your #ChaoticCommute and roll with the punches - even when they are coming from your children while attempting to change a diaper.

This adventure may never get easier, but if you see where it takes you and if you laugh during the ride it will be a roller coaster you will never forget.