Finding Your Nanny

My entire Maternity leave, I put off the search to find a nanny.  I procrastinated for two major reasons. First, the most obvious reason: I didn’t want anyone else taking care of my baby girl.  We had spent six glorious months together; I saw her first smile, watched her first roll, witnessed her first crawl.  How would I ever be able to miss every small moment? The other reason for the delay was that having child care lined up meant the end of my leave was that much closer.  I am so very blessed to work for my family company. I kept postponing the end of my maternity leave as I just wasn’t ready, but I had to go back, and that meant I needed to search for a nanny.

Rather than posting on the Facebook groups for what I was looking for, I was determined to find someone else’s posts looking to find a new family for their current nanny.  After a week of empty searching, I joined NPN (a Chicago-based Neighborhood Parenting Network) and started stalking the Nanny threads.  After two days of only finding posts from Nannies themselves looking for placement, I came across a post from a Mom of five that was moving to Atlanta and wanted to find a home for her beloved nanny that had been with them for 10+ years.  My best friend was sitting on my couch holding my baby girl, and as we read this post together, tears formed in my eyes.  This was what I needed. Someone who loved my child as if she was one of her one. A woman who had 40+ years of experience and truly has made a career of doing what she loves. My friend urged me to call the reference right away to make sure this was as good as it seemed.  The mom couldn’t contain herself from crying--that is how much she loved Nanny Betty.

I called Betty immediately and set up an interview.  My mom came along to help me make the decision.  The moment I opened the door and she smiled at me, I just knew.  I knew she was the one that would help me navigate the waters of being a working mom.  I knew she wouldn’t be replacing me yet partnering with me to make sure my baby girl was cared for just as if Mom was home.

Some days, my husband and I wonder how we truly were so blessed.  

I trust her wholeheartedly.  My friends see her with my daughter and tell me she doesn’t leave her side at school, doesn’t stop chasing her in Music, and is always caring for her. They have such a beautiful bond.

I write this post because so many people rush to find their nanny.  They get comfortable with the person they hire and, although they are not fully happy, they settle.  I don’t think anyone should settle when it comes to the person taking care of their child.  Ours is truly an addition to our family, and I hope everyone that is looking can find their own Nanny Betty, or as my daughter likes to say, “Baba.”