Work Trip Prep

I don’t know about you, but when I have a work trip coming up--or any trip where I am leaving my kids, for that matter--my mind starts racing and my heart starts fluttering about three months ahead of time.

The to-do list of Kid Preparation begins first in my head, then moves on to paper, and then, yes, I am the mom that formally types everything out and e-mails it to the village that will be back at home taking care of my tribe.

Yes, I literally go day by day and spell out activities, morning/afternoon routines, potential food options for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner, and--oh yes--I even pick out their outfits down to socks and hairbows for every day I am gone.  I mean, I can’t have my child show up at school or a birthday party wearing a mismatched outfit that just screams: “Mom’s out of town!”

Being a working mom with the occasional work trip obligations, the preparation at home is intense.  For me, at least, it is critical to stay organized, somewhat calm, and I guess understand that, at the end of the day, if your daughter wears a gold hair bow with rose gold moccasins for just one day. . .Life will go on!