My Baby Is Wearing a Helmet...Good Thing It’s Football Season!

At this point, I’m sure you’ve seen babies in helmets. Why does it feel like this is becoming an epidemic? I don’t remember anyone wearing a helmet when we were kids. Back is best, right?

Truth be told, I had seen my fair share of baby helmets when my daughter was an infant and just hoped that my child would never need to sport one.

Why, you say? It attracts stares and questions, which I don’t even really know the answers to. Is everyone looking at me because my baby is in an adorable helmet with a rad design or because they think that I had something to do with his flat head? Did I not do enough tummy time? Second child syndrome…Did I just leave him alone in the corner for too long?

We started noticing that his head was flat when he was one month old. I brought it up to our pediatrician several times, but was repeatedly told to just keep repositioning him at bed time, during diaper changes, etc.

At his three month appointment we were encouraged to schedule a consultation at Cranial Technologies, where it was determined that he needed to wear a helmet* to correct his flatness, technically known as Plagiocephaly.

“Flat Head Syndrome” affects nearly one in two infants (47%). We were told that the earlier we began treatment, the less time he’d need to wear his helmet. We started at four months—once he could hold his head up on his own. For us, insurance covered it at 100% after he turned four months old and it was determined that it couldn’t be correctedwith repositioningalone.

To tell you the truth, I have never been hypersensitive about my son’s flat-headedness.  Outside influences like my mother, my extended family, and my friends have always been more concerned with it than I.

Being a working mom, I’d like to think that I try to keep things pragmatic and in perspective. A flat head, you say? Okay, let’s research the best treatments and fix it. It’s not that I don’t obsess about my kids and their real (and hypothetical!) issues; it’s just that I attempt to tackle my day—worklife and homelife alike—with concrete facts and solutions.

And maybe next time rotate him more frequently when he’s alone in the corner...kidding, kidding.

For now, I think the best thing to do is to relax, have fun this football season, and enjoy that my baby boy has some extra protection from falls and from his silly big sister for the next few months!

He won’t remember it, and he may just end up with the best-shaped head in all the Northshore!

*For those interested, we went to GMediaWraps for our custom sports design, but Etsy has many DIY options. Babbleworthy is a good one.