Here’s How You Can Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Day Party for Your Kid's Whole Class


Room Parents Rejoice! Here’s How You Can Plan the Perfect Valentine’s Day Party for the Whole Class

I love a good party and even better when I get to host it myself. During the 13 years I’ve spent working for Yelp in a variety of roles (currently the SVP of Community) I’ve thrown hundreds of parties for Yelp community members and employees. Little did I know that all my party planning experience for work would come in handy when it came time to plan parties for my 3 children (ages 8, 6 and 3), including the responsibilities that come with volunteering to be a Room Parent.

Room Parent has always been my favorite way to get involved since (again) I love to plan parties, it’s an automatic invitation inside of the classroom conveniently planned around my own busy work schedule & it’s a school volunteer role that my kids actually understand and get excited about.

If you’re lucky enough to also have Room Parent on your resume, it’s time to start planning the class Valentine’s Day Party even though it may feel like you were just creating snowmen out of marshmallows. Here are 5 tips for planning a heart-filled Valentine’s Day Party in the classroom.

Get Inspired on Social Media

You’re not the first parent to plan a Valentine’s Day Party so borrow ideas from Pinterest, your local mom facebook group, friends, etc.  Unless your nickname is Martha Stewart beware of anything that looks too pretty on Pinterest and choose activities that require few materials to keep costs down.

Ask for Help

Start with the class expert-the teacher! Ask what’s worked well in past years and be sure to get approval on your plans before finalizing all the details. There are many parents who are excited for any opportunity to volunteer in the classroom so ask them for help with the planning, set-up and execution. You can even get some assistance from your little helpers at home. My kids love being involved with the prep work for their own class parties.

Be clear on food rules & allergies in the classroom

If food is allowed...lucky you! Cookie or cupcake decorating is an easy way to win the hearts of children. However, be sure to ask the teacher about any class allergies ahead of time. It’s also important to know if your school has a clear no food rule so you can get creative with games, crafts and other projects.


It’s easier to rally small groups of children vs an entire class at once so create different stations. Children have a very short attention span so switch up the stations often (4-5 stations is ideal for an hour party). Plan a variety of games and crafts that appeal to everyone.  Include one station or time at the end of the party for the kids to distribute their own cards to their peers.

Give Back

This is the perfect opportunity for our lucky kiddos to give back to others who are not as fortunate. Include a station where kids can make Valentine’s Day cards or assemble care packages of necessities (ask the parents to donate ahead of time) for other children in hospitals, homeless shelters, etc.

You’re now ready to party with Cupid and (most importantly) your little love. Happy Valentine’s Day!