Calming Closet

As a young mom, I always found solace in my closet in a home filled with chaos.  Mom to three boys, it is hard to keep everything in its perfectly allocated place.  The one spot in my house that was mine, and only mine, was my carefully curated closet. No matter the mess elsewhere, my clothes were kept neatly hung where I last left them. That bit of control left me feeling as if I were in control.

As moms and working professionals, we scramble every day to get our jobs done. I always say there are not enough hours in the day to tackle all the to-dos, leaving my lists long. Despite how many chores I can cross off, my biggest sense of accomplishment is getting dressed. I’m not referring to my yoga pants, but to a well-thought-out outfit that allows me to face the day ambitiously and with purpose.  

So with that goal in mind, I creatively found downtime to create pre-determined outfits in my closet to allow me to ‘grab and go.' I now refer to this ritual as ‘closet shopping.’  This time-saving system awarded me not only more time, but well-coordinated dress options; I was never nervous that I had nothing to wear when time was tight. I became so fond of this new method that I began building upon it while helping friends and family shop their own closets. Feeling a tremendous amount of fulfillment, I began my wardrobe styling business.

First, I recommend organizing your closet carefully so that it makes sense to you. I recommend doing this by color and, depending on the size of the closet and amount of clothing, you can also organize by category and/or season. Aesthetically, this will be more pleasing and easier to navigate.

Second, I would assess your assets. Determine what no longer serves your lifestyle and either donate or consign depending on the brand and condition of the item.  Then, create a ‘to-get’ list, keeping in mind your day-to-day needs and any and all special occasions on the horizon.

Then, shop smart. Determine what pieces are timeless and which ones are trendy. You should never spend a lot on trends as they are short-lived; instead, spend your money on pieces that will stand the test of time.  Those pieces include shoes, accessories, select coats, cashmere, and other classics. Once you’ve picked up those pieces, put a few new ‘looks’ together. Photograph them for a quick, easy reference on your phone and save in an album.  

Rest assured you’ll be dressed best if you follow these step-by-step suggestions.  For further questions, comments, concerns, or consult, feel free to e-mail me at, and be sure to follow me on Instagram @emilyperlbergstyle for further ideas and inspiration.