Ways to make life a little less chaotic, essential oils to your rescue!

Too often it can feel like there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done, let alone get it all done well. But just as important as checking things off of any to do list is dedicating some time each day to self-care and staying in tune to both our mental and physical wellbeing. Eating a balanced diet, making time for adequate exercise, and getting a good night’s rest all help to promote a healthy lifestyle… but have any of you working moms out there heard about essential oils? 

Essential oils are a great and simple means of promoting self-care on a daily basis. The benefits of essential oils range from reducing stress, to relieving pain and can even help to improve cognitive function … really, if you do your research, you’ll find there’s an essential oil (or blend) out there for almost anything. Some people like to use essential oils topically on their skin or even ingest them, but our favorite way to reap the benefits of essential oils has, and will always be, diffusing them!

Diffusing essential oils makes for a great addition to your daily routine, regardless of which hat you happen to have on throughout the day!

  • Work Life: Having trouble focusing at the office? Or feeling a little overwhelmed by everything you need to get done before rushing out the door? Essential oils can be a wonderful aid. Just pop some peppermint oil into your diffuser to help you stay on task or try out some lavender oil to ease your stress. You’ll instantly feel more centered and ready to face the day ahead. As an added perk, your office will smell great too!

  • Mom Life: One child refuses to wind down after an exciting day and the other seems to be coming down with a bug. Essential oils to the rescue! Sometimes just the scent of the right essential oil can shift your child’s mood or even give their immune system the little boost it needs to fight through a bad cold going around at school. Like anything else, your child will be interested in what essential oils are and likely want to be a part of the process. Let them help you come up with the right blends and pour the drops into the diffuser, while also teaching them the proper way to use (and not use) the oils. *High quality oils most often come with child safety caps for additional security and parental piece of mind.

  • My Life: Dare we say it, you finally have some quality “YOU” time. The kids are in bed, you can just focus on yourself. Maybe you haven’t been feeling well and are looking for a natural remedy to alleviate some pain, or maybe you need some help to unwind and clear your mind after a long day. Whatever the case may be, let essential oils be your care taker and do for your body (and mind) what you too often don’t have the time or energy to do for yourself.

The key to diffusing? Making sure you have quality oils and an even higher quality vessel to diffuse them with! Not sure where to start? Well, we have you covered. We have partnered with our friends at the Objects Within and they are extending a coupon code of 20% off to all our followers. Not only do they guarantee the highest quality and purest of oils, their one of a kind diffuser was designed by founder Lindsey Goddard, an interior designer who wanted a high quality diffuser that could double as a contemporary piece of home décor. This porcelain diffuser is not one you’ll need to hide away from guests, and it can even come with coordinating vases allowing it to hide in plain sight! It also makes for a great gift for family and friends as we head into the holiday season. After all, there is no greater gift than self-care! 


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Photography: By Andrew Giammarco