What I learned from a Buddhist


About five years ago I decided to visit a Buddhist colony with a friend for a weekend. I was coming out of what felt like a huge hole, and although I had managed to climb out, I felt different. Buddhists always got my attention, I read a few of their beliefs and it was inspiring. Mediation was something I enjoyed and was fascinated in. I like to sit outside and mediate everyday and I do believe that you need to live in the present moment so this little adventure seemed right up my ally.

When I arrived at the Buddhist colony I was amazed by the simplicity of life. They seemed to mediate almost all day. I never knew I could learn so much in silence, I knew the power of silence in the workplace, but I was about to learn so much more and without saying a word. They ate in silence, which I had never done,and yes food taste better when you pay attention to it. They walked in silence, they cleaned in silence.

Monks are able to live in a happy state of peace, patience, and discipline. It was experience I’ll never forget.

The goal of meditation is to focus and understand your mind, which leads to a higher level of awareness and peace. Neurologists have studied the effects of regular meditation in the brain and there are articles that state meditation actually changes your brain in ways that can help you to control emotions, help focus,decrease stress, and even become more connected with people and more aware of your surroundings. What busy mom doesn’t need that? And it’s not just powerful for moms.

In sports psychology, there is a significant trend towards adding meditation into training. If a calm mind makes you more aware and lessens your chance of mistakes why wouldn’t this be a practice?

So this ancient old formula for life may actually work! And, yes, for me it does. I left that Buddhist colony knowing that if I can practice calming my mind, I can be a better mom, a better leader at work, stay consistent with work outs, and create a better mental balance. I practice almost everyday, not for long, 5-10 minutes that’s all. When I don’t practice I can tell a difference in my level of patience and my awareness and focus. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the work life balance, try a little meditation. If you need a little help, try the app calm, it’s truly a life changer.