The Nature of the “To Do” List

As I sit here and write this article, it is currently 3:24 in the afternoon. I have told myself all day--my one day off--that I would take a nap since both of my kids are at school/daycare for the day. Now, knowing how scheduled I am, I currently have 42 minutes to nap…well that is if I can get this article done in about 10 minutes...

I have always been a scheduled person. I do better in life (or at least I think I do) when I’m scheduled. I work full time (I am a 4th grade teacher), I teach Sunday school, tutor out of my house, workout 3-4 days a week, cook, spend time with my husband and kids (Lily-4; Ava-4 months), family, and friends. Therefore, my life is currently a schedule. But trust me, this can be BOTH a blessing and a curse.

Because of my “scheduleness” (not a word, just made it up), I am a “to-do” list freak. I make to-do lists for everything in my “Notes” section on my iPhone. Currently, I have a to-do list for: house stuff, restaurants I want to try, books I want to read, movies/shows I want to watch, vacations I want to take, kids activities, stuff I need to buy for the house, recipes I want to make, grocery list, and an everyday to-do list on my calendar. I don’t know about you, but I get such satisfaction when I cross off (or in my case) delete things off the list. Some of my current “to-do’s” are just not going to happen, but I write them down anyway. I don’t know if it makes me feel better to write them down, but I just do. I have had a restaurant list for Chicago restaurants for years. My friends make fun of me since half of the restaurants on my list have closed by the time I get around to them.

I have yet to meet one mother who doesn’t have a to-do list or makes lists in general. Lists for their children, lists for stuff to do, house stuff, date night spots, etc. this a good habit for an over-scheduled mama? Probably not, lol. I am going to propose a challenge to myself (and for anyone else who wants to do this with me): pick something not on the "to-do" list to go and do--be sporadic for once!

I am going to challenge myself to read a magazine, watch an old movie, do a different workout, go to a random restaurant, and take my kids somewhere totally different. I am sure this will make my husband feel pretty good since he is the exact opposite of me when it comes to planning...AKA not planning.

Are you a to-do list junkie? If so, break this habit and challenge yourself to do something completely off your list, get wild and have fun!