Do you feel lucky this March?

As a new mom, so many thoughts and fears had come and gone as I prepared to get back in the workplace. How am I going to balance work and life?! Will my family, friends and coworkers understand the new life I am learning to walk through?  I used to be so annoyed with my sister (who is a fellow working mom with 3 kiddos: 9, 7, 3) grumbling to myself, why can’t she just text/call back real quick? Is she really THAT busy? Why can I only have the longest conversations with her at 8pm or 9pm at night; what is she doing all day and after work?  Que the slap in the face now that I am in her shoes… and I only have 1 kid!!!

Let’s be real, THIS → working 8-10 hrs at the office, along with another 1-2 hrs when you get home, is the new social norm. That doesn’t even touch cooking, cleaning, and making memories with your family. LUCKILY, today the support for the working mom is improving every day.

I recently started watching the new Netflix show “Working Moms” and honestly, so many of the situations hit home.  I laugh, cry and/or say “OMG” probably 10 times an episode.

**Side note: I purposely put it on when I know my husband is in the room, so he can hear/see my new life. Haha

LUCKILY (insert the 4 leaf clover, because it is St. Patty’s Day) I have an AMAZING career and SUPPORTIVE team at work from the top executives to my co-worker that sits across from me. How big is the impact of a supportive working mom culture do you ask? Here are a few reasons I’m incredibly thankful for my company, and their initiative to support the new social norm.

  1. They took time to reevaluate and improve company policies over the past year. This includes getting ahead of other companies by fully implementing a supportive maternity leave policy.

  2. If there is an emergency or a situation where I need to be home for even 1 hour, my team says, “we understand” and no guilt is placed on my shoulders

  3. I feel empowered that I can continue to spearhead accounts and travel for important work trips, as well as know that I can feed my baby with no hassle, because I can pump and ship with Milk Stork. I highly suggest any company looking into them, they are awesome!

  4. My sometimes 1-1.5hr commute, doesn’t get in the way of me spending that 1 hr before bedtime with my little babe, because my company supports a flexible work schedule.

  5. We have a network of internal support, of both working moms & non-mom. We share stories, tips/tricks, and the occasional “it’s a rough day” phrase to help each other power through.

When someone asks me how is work/life going? My first response is, “I’m thankful to be where I am.”

So with that, I raise my large glass of Cabernet and say, “THANK YOU. I wouldn’t be the strong confident working mom without my company!”