Make Your Own Baby Food Without the Hassle


No, we aren’t out of our minds. Making your own baby food is easy, as long as you have the right equipment. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with giving your baby jarred/packaged food! But if you cook at home even once a week, it takes about ten minutes more to prep some of what you are already making for your little one to enjoy, too. Some folks say that they prefer to make their own baby food because they want to have control over what goes into their children’s little bodies. I think the real benefit to homemade baby food is that it gets your baby used to eating what the rest of the family is already enjoying! Here’s how to do it

All you need to make homemade baby food is a food processor, blender, potato masher, mortar and pestle, or food mill. They all work very well. Of course, if it has electricity running through it, it will be quicker, but even low-tech options are pretty quick. The other equipment you need is a pot with a steamer insert. And that’s it!

Are you making sweet potato fries with your roasted chicken tonight? Grab an extra potato, wash it, cut it into chunks, steam it until it’s super soft, and mash away. You can use water, milk, formula, or breast milk to thin out the mix and make it smoother in texture. The younger your baby is, the smoother the mix needs to be; older babies can handle more chunks and texture.  

As for storage, you can go as low tech as freezing your baby food in silicone ice cube trays and storing the frozen cubes in a Ziploc. When it’s time for a meal, just heat one up in the microwave.

Sweet potatoes aren’t the only good choice for baby food! Really, most fruits and veggies can be steamed, mashed, and served to your baby. Here are some more ideas for how to turn your own dinner into homemade baby food:

  • Taco night? Mash some leftover avocado together with a touch of lime juice and a banana.

  • Making meat and potatoes? Buy an extra potato, steam it, and mash together with some defrosted frozen peas.

  • In the mood for Italian? Steam some extra veggies and tomatoes that you are putting into your Primavera sauce.

  • Chinese takeout? Order some extra steamed broccoli with your meal and process it together with some steamed snap peas and apples.