A New and Improved Mantra


Caffeine, carpool, cocktail, repeat.  This had been my mantra for the last ten years.  Every morning began with a stop at Starbucks for a grande, nonfat latte.  Every evening involved winding down with my favorite cocktail. Intersperse the required carpools to and from theater and dance, basketball and baseball, crafting and karate, and call it a day.  I’d fall into bed just to wake up and repeat it all over again.

For many years, this cycle was enough for me.  When my children were young, I busied myself running errands, food shopping, working out, practicing yoga, and occasionally taking a breath.  I attended every school music concert and volunteered in the classroom as often as possible. Due to being overly consumed by my family and their needs, I hardly thought about my own.  

However, as my kids got older, things began to change.  Not only did my caffeine get stronger and my cocktails clearer, my mindset also shifted.  I had a renewed clarity that I wanted more for me. I turned to my yoga and meditation practice to get a sense of what was missing from my mantra.  I often wondered why I felt unfulfilled when I had everything I needed and more. After more downward dogs that I could count, the answer dawned on me…I simply needed to shock my daily routine.  I realized that fulfillment, for me, included finding a career that would combine my coffee and carpools with cause, connection, and community.

When a friend suggested that I join Beautycounter, a relatively young skincare and cosmetic company, I was reluctant at first.   Admittedly I am a total beauty junkie, but why would I want to sell personal care products to family and friends? I had no experience in sales, yet somehow, I was intrigued.  Like many of you, I put sunscreen on my children and Retin A on my face and didn’t think twice.  As I learned more about Beautycounter and it’s intent to change the cosmetic industry, what I connected to most was its mission—to get safer products into the hands of everyone.  With a cause as important as this one, along with the possibility of finding my missing spark, I jumped onboard.

On top of being a part of a greater purpose, Beautycounter allows me to be my own boss with total flexibility.  I am now able to do something I love, embrace my passion for products, be empowered, and advocate for change, all while connecting with a dynamic community.  Finally, for the first time since having children, I feel a sense of balance.  I absolutely love having something to call my own. Coffee, carpool, and cocktails have now been enhanced by cause, connection, community, and cosmetics!