Dayhouse Co-Working, a Comfy & Creative Space!

Ten years ago the corporate office culture consisted of your cubicle, a lunch break, ten PTO days, 5 sick days, and a couple of holidays, sprinkled throughout the year. Today, the modern day corporate office culture has changed quite drastically and we are in the age of “Remote Work” and beyond! From work from home (WFH) opportunities, to the ability to bring your kids into the workplace, the desire and overall need for a co-working space that is both conducive to your schedule and comfortable, is a demanding need. Thankfully, these types of spaces are opening up all over big cities (i.e. Chicago, New York, L.A., San Francisco), but what about the ‘burbs?

Last week, the Chaotic Commute ventured to Highland Park, IL to check out the modern, chill, and comfortable spot called Dayhouse Coworking. This experience was amazing, from the beautiful aroma of essential oils as you walked in the door, to the lovely flowers set up on the table & one more thing, can we say OMG decor (amaze gold accents!!). They have two conference rooms, a calming yoga/meditation spot, and a great kitchen with some treats and snacks provided. Long story short, we definitely suggest you check it out if you are in Highland Park, IL.

Are you apart or aware of any co-working spaces in your town, or your city around the country? As we continue to navigate the working mom world, we would love to share where your comfy spot to get away for an hour, or five, is located. Drop us a line!