That Magic Space: An Interview with Chaotic Commuter Jacqueline Lotzof

What inspired this day?

We had just gotten home from a 5-day trip with all three kids, and as much fun as we had as a whole family, I missed the quieter, individual connections we tend to have in our everyday lives. I told my oldest son, Taylor, that after the trip—he was still home from school for spring break—he and I would have a fun day together, something we have coined a “Tay Tay-Mommy Day”.

Do you do this with each of your kids individually?

Ever since my kids were very little, I have always set aside time in my schedule to have one-on-one time with each of them. There is nothing better than watching your kids playing together, but I also love the time I can spend with them individually. I feel like I am able to truly get to know and appreciate their unique personalities that way. I love being able to take my sons or daughter on an adventure that specifically appeals to them.  I am fortunate to have an incredible support system at home to allow me to do this often.

How did you decide where to go?

Usually our adventure days bring us into the city. Whether it’s a play, a museum, a park, or just a walk along the river, I enjoy leaving the suburbs, where I live and work, for new experiences. Our most recent trip to the city took us to two Chicago hot spots. First, we hit-up the John Hancock observatory deck. We had a blast trying out “The Tilt,” where Tay and I shared the laughter, nervousness, and excitement of our shared adventure! Afterward, we dropped into JoJo’s Milk Bar for milkshakes and cookies. We loved walking around where we used to live and reminiscing; Taylor loves to hear stories of his life as a baby while I point out the places we used to visit.

Memorable moments throughout the day?

I spend a lot of time just admiring my kids as they take in everything new. I love seeing their reactions change in seconds—from excited, to confused, to silly, to curious! Each moment of the day brought on a new expression.When Taylor first saw “the Tilt”, he was fascinated. The questions about how it was constructed and how much weight it could hold were endless; I loved every single thought-out inquiry. That fascination may have slowly morphed into slightly nervous when we were actually on it, but the minute it ended he was so proud of himself. Later at the restaurant, his look of amazement was plastered across his face when the nearly foot-tall milkshake was presented to him. The president of my company, Thad Wong of @properties, recently wrote a quote during time with hisson - a quote that really hit home and speaks to how I parent. He said, “It’s the space between parenting and friendship where I find the magic”. The feeling this quote gave me is how I hope to continue parenting and being a role model to my children. I love the quality one-on-one time I spend with each of them, and I look forward to enjoying each new experience through their eyes. To me, there is nothing better.