When Melissa and I (Brit) (and others from our office) began to discuss the concept behind The Chaotic Commute, we envisioned a community for women by women where we could support one another. We specifically focused on working women, hoping to create a platform on which to share the highs, the lows, the wins, and the struggles.  We wanted a space to voice our feelings and to provide (needed!) support and encouragement; a space where, when one of our own is truly struggling, she can find a community of women to lean on. 


Our friend Brittany Stineman is a true superhero momma.  Melissa and I both grew up with Brittany and her husband Bobby through elementary, middle, and high school.  Their family’s story touches us as friends, as moms, and as working moms.  This working mom has traded in her job as a real estate broker to be a nurse, a caretaker, a fighter, and a superhero as, day in and day out, she fights for her child’s life.  As we’ve shared countless times on The Chaotic Commute, we working moms awake each day and try to find our own tentative balance of mom life and work life; however, Brittany also finds a way to balance in saving her child’s life.

Click this link to learn exactly what is happening to Brittany & Bobby’s son Nash, who is one of less than 100 people in the WORLD affected by SMARD1, Spinal Muscular Atrophy with Respiratory Distress.  Sadly, this disease has no treatment or therapeutic options. They are in a race against time to fund the research necessary to help Nash and other children like him.  If the money raised can keep the researcher funded through July, Nash and 10-12 other patients will be in a clinical trial for gene therapy by the beginning of 2020. If you can spare the cost of one cup of coffee on your way to work this week and donate to our friend, we can continue to help the Stinemans’ fight! www.smashsmard.org

Along with donating, you can take the #smashsmardchallenge.  This weekend will be #SmashSMARDSaturday & #SmashSMARDSunday on The Chaotic Commute!  Take the challenge by smashing a whipped cream pie in your face, donate, and share!  See Melissa and I take the challenge below!

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