My Mom Story: Life as a Single Mom

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No matter your ‘mom label’, one thing I’m sure every mother will agree on is that parenting is tough! We all try our best, but as moms we naturally worry whether we are doing a good job. Some days we feel like we are rocking at motherhood, and others we feel like we are failing miserably. We each have our own unique stories and takes on being moms. As a writer, I’ve interviewed and shared many people’s stories, but oftentimes I don’t get to share my own. Therefore, I’m excited to be able to share my ‘mom story’ with all my fellow Chaotic Commuters!

My mom label is single, working mom. I’ve been a single mom since basically day one. It’s been a long and tough journey, but one filled with so much joy and amazing experiences along the way. My daughter will be 13 this year. I’m both hesitant and excited about the upcoming teenage years.

One of the best parts about being a single mom has been the special bond we’ve developed over the years. If you’ve watched Gilmore Girlsthat really is what our life has been like in so many ways. Even more so as my daughter gets older; I see so much of us in that show. I often am the sarcastic, occasionally flighty one like Lorelai, and she’s the incredibly bright and very neat one like Rory.

The show also really hits on how hard it is raising a child on your own, and how your family and friends are such a big support network for single parents. Over these past twelve years, I don’t know how I could have done all of it without my family and friends.

As a single mom I’ve had to work full-time; I’ve spent all that time--as well as some pre-baby--in the marketing world. I’ve enjoyed an amazing career, learned so much, and worked with some talented people along the way. After all that time in the corporate Monday-through-Friday world, though, I recently decided I needed a change. I’m excited about the next part of my career journey and working at a local trampoline park to head up their community relations and local events. This will allow me to have a more flexible schedule; I’ll get to spend more weekday and morning/afternoon hours with my daughter, as well as focus more on my freelance writing.

My daughter and I also just completed our first year of homeschooling for sixth grade. It has been a great choice for us. My daughter has severe allergies to all nuts, even coconut, and had an incident in fifth grade where she wound up in the ER and overnight in the hospital. Unfortunately, after that and the continual exposure to nuts in her classroom, she was constantly in fear at school. That was no way to live, so we made the switch to homeschooling. We haven’t looked back once. Not only has this been safer for her, but she’s had the opportunity to learn more subjects and we’ve loved the more flexible schedule.

I’m not sure where my mom story will lead me in the future. I always try to view parenthood as an adventure; it has its ups and downs, but it’s filled with so much love and fun.