Busting the “Only Child” Myths

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My daughter is an only child and along the parenting journey I’ve found there are quite a few myths about only children. If you are raising an only child, I hope this blog hits home with you. While reading hopefully you’ll recognized these myths and agree they should be ‘busted’. If you are raising multiple children, I hope this blog provides a better understanding of what life is really like for those of us raising only children.

It’s often hard to understand and empathize with people whose situations are different than ours; that’s human nature and there’s nothing wrong with that. The best way to learn about different situations is to listen to other people’s stories and viewpoints. So, here is my story on raising an only child.

Myth 1: Only equals lonely.

I have been questioned many times inquiring if my child is lonely as an only child. Recently, I saw a Facebook post from a mom that she was hesitant to have one kid because she thought it meant the child would be lonely. Let me put everyone’s mind at ease: my child is not lonely. Only does NOT equal lonely.

In fact, only children receive all their parents’ time and attention, so they are far from lonely. If anything, there might be times, especially in the preteen and teen years, that they wish they got a little less attention and were lonely! My daughter has plenty of friends from the many activities she’s involved in. Cousins are also built in friends for those who are lucky to live around family. A pet is also be a great source of companionship.

Myth 2: Only equals spoiled.

Having an only child doesn’t mean they constantly give that child everything he or she wants and asks for. Plenty of only children, just like kids with siblings, don’t always get what they want and are told “no”.

My daughter started in daycare as a baby then went to elementary school, not once was not sharing ever an issue for her. Actually, her teachers and childcare instructors have told me that she was always one of the first to share.

Myth 3: Only equals no socialization skills.

Anyone who has ever talked to my daughter or spent time with her could attest to the fact no socialization skills has never been an issue. That is far from the case. Talking to friends is the one thing my daughter has always gotten into trouble for in school and extracurricular activities. She loves her friends and always looks forward to making new friends. Not because she’s lonely, but because she’s great at socializing and that’s just who she is.

If you have an only child as well, sound off in the comments with your thoughts on this topic or on other myths that just aren’t true. If you have multiple children but have friends with just one child, please think about this blog when you see or talk to them next. Better yet, help us raising multiple children dispel any myths on that topic by commenting below to bust those! Motherhood is a crazy journey, and we should all be in this together and support one another – without the myths or assumptions! At the end of the day, I have no doubt that every parent will agree on this: being a parent to any child, no matter how many, is the hardest, yet most rewarding, ‘job’ there is!