Bridal Shower Tips to Make Life a Little Less Chaotic

Hosting a bridal shower can feel like a full-time job with all the planning and preparation that comes along with it. For working moms playing host, it can seem especially overwhelming to get everything checked off the to-do list. After the venue and food have been decided and the invitations have been sent out, you still have to worry about how to entertain your guests throughout the party.

Games and activities are great ways to pass the time at a bridal showerwhile also getting guests mingling and bonding with each other. After all, this might be the last time many guests see each other before the wedding. Picking fun activities to pass the time can help streamline the planning process and also make it easier for families and friends to connect before the big day. 

There are tons of games and activities to choose from for every type of bride. An extroverted bride may love a game of bridal charades, whereas a more relaxed bride might prefer a flower crown bar while enjoying a garden party with her guests. One fan favorite bridal shower activity is wine tasting. A wine tasting bridal shower is great because it serves as both a theme andan activity, and it’s perfect for brides who enjoy wine, cheese, and a relaxing afternoon sipping and snacking. Interested? All you have to do is print out the score cards below (the wine that scores the highest between all the categories “wins”), gather some wine glasses together, and start pouring!  

You can download the printable using the button below. For more bridal shower printables and activities, click here