This "Sweat Life' momma run virtual health & fitness business, learn more about Sara in this week's interview!

Name: Sara Petrucci

When did you become a mom? How old are your children?

I am a brand new mom to a beautiful 11 week old baby boy, still navigating the postpartum period and learning my new role as working mom.

What type of business do you run? Has this type of work always been your calling?

I run a virtual health & fitness business from home alongside my husband, Ralph. Our business is two-part. We stared an incredibly positive online accountability community, The Sweat Life Tribe, where we coach our clients through top fitness and nutritional programs. We focus a ton on mindset and creating a lasting lifestyle within this group and our members become like family! In addition to helping clients get fit, we mentor and teach those who want to start their own online business how to earn an income by leveraging social media to share their journey and paying it forward.

I’ve always been into fitness, but growing up it was from a very negative place. I battled eating disorders and did all the quick-fix things to be thin. During nursing school, I experienced my own health transformation and developed a passion for the power of exercise, proper nutrition, and lifestyle. I went on to become a family nurse practitioner, but I felt unfulfilled. I wasn’t making the difference I wanted to make in the traditional medicine setting. Finding the coaching opportunity gave purpose to my past personal experience and allows me to use my passions to connect with so many people in ways I never imagined through social media. It’s truly a calling and one I feel blessed I get to pay forward to those I mentor on my team.  

Where did the foundation of your business stem from?

I choose to partner with Beachbody because back in 2010, it was their fitness and nutrition programs that turned my own health around. I was “fit” in most people’s eyes, but prior to learning how to actually take care of my body, I did it all wrong. I was the queen of the quick-fix, diet pills, and even battled an eating disorder. Completing my first Beachbody program changed my life in so many ways. It was the catalyst for my decision to go back to school for nursing. I had no idea there was a business opportunity associated with Beachbody until 5 years later. I landed my “dream job” working in surgery and quickly discovered my income came at the expense of my time with my family. I wanted time freedom. I wanted  a way to truly prevent people from ending up on the operating room table . I removed cancer from people’s bodies but I wanted to prevent it and teach people healthy lifestyle. I saw a post on social media from my now mentor, and I jumped at the opportunity! I had no business experience and no idea at the time that this could become a true business, but I followed my passions and heart!

What has been your proudest moment since launching your company/career?

The proudest moment since launching my business happened just a few months ago. I was still working part time as a nurse practitioner and when going out on maternity leave, I was told I’d only get 6 weeks leave. I couldn’t imagine leaving my brand new baby that young. I’d been feeling the pull to go all-in in my business for a while but that part of me that still craved security was holding on with fear of the uncertainty that comes with being a full time entrepreneur. Let me tell you, putting in my resignation felt incredible! I’m proud of myself for stepping outside my comfort zone and building this business from the ground up on the side of my career because today it allows both my husband and myself to work from home with our baby.

What is your biggest concern, as an expecting mother, about balancing kids/family, work, and self-care?

Prior to having our son, my husband and I had the luxury of working whenever we wanted and because we consider our work our passion, it’s hard to turn it off. My biggest concern was balancing being a new mom, growing our business, mentoring our team, and still prioritizing my own health and wellness, especially since I had to have a c-section, which meant a longer recovery. I honestly had fears (and sometimes still do) that it will all fall apart. But I’m learning more than ever how to prioritize my time, trust that I’m here for a bigger purpose, and give myself grace.  

What are some of the biggest challenges you face as a working mom? 

The biggest challenge I face currently is keeping clear boundaries between “work time” and “mom time”. I work from home, on my own time, so it can be challenging to turn it off and keep to my “office hours”. When that email comes in or that message dings that I’ve been waiting on, it can be challenging for the business woman in me to let it wait. My son is incredible and he’s helping me really learn how to be more present and prioritize family time. It’s never going to be perfect, but I feel confident he will learn that mommy works hard to have this freedom of time with him.

Do you have working mom guilt? If so, how do you deal with it?

Like I said above, I have had times where I try to sneak in some extra work on my phone when it’s my time to be with my son and I swear he knows it. That always makes me feel guilty.  It can be hard to balance the drive to want to grow the business that provides for my family and the need to turn it off to enjoy what I’ve built. I try very hard to be super intentional with my work time so that I can be that much more present when I’m with my family.

Do you believe that you can you have it all?

I do believe you can have it all, but that totally depends on what “it all” means to you! For me, I wanted a thriving career that forces me to grow as a person, that utilizes my passions, and that provides me with new and exciting challenges. I also wanted time freedom. I also wanted to be a present mom. I used to believe being a present mom and career woman were black and white. With the internet today, I truly feel like I’m living the best of both. I don’t believe, however, you get here without seasons of imbalance. I grew my business on the side of a very full time career for 2 years. That season had sacrifice, but short term sacrifice can produce long-term rewards.  I’m living proof!

What was the best work advice you ever received and from who?

Most of us have the, “I’ll believe it when I see it” mentality, but I’ve learned through many personal growth authors and my own personal business mentor that it’s actually the opposite. We have to believe it first...then we’ll see it. I cannot tell you how true that is for any goal in life. Before I landed my career role in surgery, it didn’t exist at my hospital. It was created for me. I swear I manifested it because I believed to my core it was possible...and then it became my reality.  When I started my own business, it was initially just a side-gig to give me fulfillment outside of my stressful career. Every goal I’ve achieved as an entrepreneur, I’ve had to believe it first in my mind that it was possible. I visualized what I wanted my life to look like every morning for two years until the business allowed me to leave my traditional career and make this vision my reality. Believe whatever it is you want, even when the doubters tell you it’s not possible, and I promise you if you stay the course, it will become your reality in time.  

What was the best parenting advice you ever received and from who?

Give tons of praise and recognition to the positive actions, qualities and behaviors you want repeated -- My Dad.