New momma Mika and founder of The Bloom Equation speaks the love language of flowers, learn more!

Name: Miquila (Mika) Romero

When did you become a mom? How old are your children? 

October 28, 2019. I have a daughter who is approaching 8 months old. 

What type of business do you run? Has this type of work always been your calling?

I run the only flower company fully incorporating the language of flowers. We specialize in workshops-- private (bachelorette, birthdays, baby showers, etc.) and corporate team building. 

As a kid, I was pretty entrepreneurial. I think my first “business” was taking toys from our playroom and going door to door down the block selling them to the neighborhood kids’ and their parents! I also loved to write and, later in life, loved math. This company incorporates so many of my loves, those included. 

Where did the foundation of your business stem from?

In my late twenties I read a novel by Vanessa Diffenbaugh about a little girl who went around San Francisco making magic with flowers using something called the language of flowers and thought, “Wouldn’t that be fun?”  After some research, I learned that the language of flowers was a popular form of communication via flora in the United States during the Victorian Era. How had I not known about this before? I would have loved it my whole life! 

After talking with other people, I realized no one I knew had even heard of the language of flowers! A veritable tragedy. I created a website to house the most comprehensive language of flowers database in existence and thought, “There it is, World. Go ahead and start using it again!” I didn’t know anything about SEO at the time. You can imagine how many people ever found that first site. 

But even if they had, I started to feel like I needed to help people use the language of flowers, not just give them a searchable database, if I really wanted to bring it back. I sat on the idea for a couple years until finally I came up with what I believed was a way to get people using the language of flowers again, a company that I got funded via Kickstarter called The Bloom Equation. 

What are some of the biggest challenges you face as a working mom?

Confidence, and a lack thereof, come to mind. I’m embarrassed to say that I’ve always been hyper aware of how who I am on the outside (a curvaceous Latina with chubby cheeks and a demeanor that suggests I might be younger than I am) affects people’s confidence in me. I’ve compensated by taking on/tackling public responsibilities to build their trust. Since starting this company, I’d finally started to believe that my looks didn’t matter because after a bit of interaction with me in the professional realm, people would know they were in good, capable hands. 

Then I became a mom and the thought that I would be considered unprofessional and/or incapable resurfaced in a perceived cultural prejudice against working mothers. I have chosen to be the primary caretaker for our daughter-- which means that until her father gets off work or her abuela can take care of her, I am engrossed in tending to her happy and healthy upbringing. It’s a full time job; and although I’d always heard people say that, I’d never understood before becoming a mom myself. 

Until about two months ago, I almost always refused to take business meetings or calls during the day because I worried the person would be put off by my having a baby. I tried to act like nothing had changed; and beat myself up over the things I could not do. I write this in past tense as though its completely changed-- let me clarify: it hasn’t. But it has improved, and continues to improve, and I’m hopeful that one day I will feel like a bad-ass business woman and bad-ass mother simultaneously. 

There is space for both.

Do you believe that you can you have it all?

The idea of having it all is such an interesting one. I actually wrote a blog post about this a couple months back because it has been on my mind of late. I believe I do have it all. But having it all (the loving partner, the kid(s), and a successful career) is one thing, enjoying having it all is another. Balance is such an important part of a peaceful life. And balance, in a society that has equated success with continuous career advancement, can be tough. Still,  it has to be the goal… because what good is having anything at all if you aren’t enjoying yourself? 

My personal mission is to figure out how to carve out a schedule that allows time for raising my daughter and business simultaneously while also reveling in this amazing life.