No more "I’ll get my workout in tomorrow" 10 Minute Morning Yoga Flow

Your alarm goes off an hour early, your workout clothes are laid out, you’re ready to crush your morning workout and then… of the kids wakes up screaming, “mommy……moooommmmmyyyyy!!!”. Go figure, right? You say to yourself, “oh well, I’ll get my workout in tomorrow”.  Only tomorrow you have an early morning meeting and then the next day, your husband is traveling for work. Sound familiar? Sometimes it’s hard to find the time for YOU. I am here to tell you that you cannot pour from an empty cup and you need to carve some time out for yourself every single day.  What a lot of working mom’s don’t think about is the fact that you do not need 40 consecutive minutes to complete an intense workout. You can split your workout up into four 10-minute sessions and still reap the same benefits as an hour long sweat sesh. Take a look at this workout and find a way to fit it in to your schedule tomorrow.  Set your alarms for the morning (15 minutes before you normally wakeup), lunchtime, dinner time, and before bed. Let’s get to work!

10 Minute Morning Yoga Flow: Repeat Flow for 10 minutes:

Afternoon Lunch Break Workout:

4 minute stair climb (if stairs are not available, complete  2x 60 seconds of step ups on each leg)

Complete 2 rounds of the following:

2x30 seconds tricep dips off chair

2x 30 seconds wall sit with calf raise

2x30 second plank

Dinner Prep Workout:

3x10 Counter Push ups

3x10(each side) lateral slider lunge with dishtowel under foot 

3x 30 seconds Counter Plank Shoulder Taps

3x10 (each side) Reverse Slider Lunge with dishtowel under foot

Family Play Time Workout:

Assign the following exercises to each color and have each family member take a turn shouting out a color for 7 minutes:

Red: Fire Feet holding stuffed animal or ball over head

Orange: Squat and Throw a stuffed animal or ball to each other

Yellow: Plank with alternating forward reach with ball or stuffed animal

Green: Jumping Jacks to the Alphabet Song

Final 3 minutes:

60 second plank hold (kids can crawl over or under you)

60 second partner sit up (sit up and give a high five to your partner at the top)

Burpees while spelling the first name of each family member

There you have it! Complete these four 10-minute workouts each weekday and by the end of the week you will have completed over 200 minutes of exercise.  If you are looking for a more structured workout program, feel free to shoot me an email to A.ebenhoch@gmail.comor check out my social media pages for some workout and healthy meal ideas @desertathlete