In summer we swim... after lessons.

My summers in Indiana were filled with friends, drive-in movies, grilling outside, and my top three fondest memories ever: 

1.     First, the family garden, overflowing with warm fresh veggies like tomatoes, cucumbers, and the promise of pumpkins that would pop up during September and October. The family garden led to my love of fruits and vegetables, my choice to become a vegetarian, and now, my career working in Marketing at Produce Alliance (a Produce Management Company).  

2.     Next, outdoor summer birthday parties (well, mine at least). These consisted of the feeling of grass between my toes, friends and family filling the backyard, sun-glistened skin, and of course no birthday party was complete without creamy, chocolatey—and a little crunchy—ice cream cake.

3.     Lastly, the blow-up pool my parents placed and gracefully filled in our backyard that would leave a ring of dead grass when it came down at the end of August (or if we were lucky, early September). 

Number three was a crucial part of summertime, and so were weekly swim lessons for my sister and me. We were both required by our parents to attend lessons from “Minnow” to “Shark” (essentially lessons from beginner to advanced), which involved several years of YMCA pool time. It was a known fact that, if you didn’t take lessons all the way through, there was no way you would find yourself in a pool. 

When you have little ones in your life, it’s necessary to equip them with their own swim lessons--from “Minnow” to “Shark”.  Knowing the rules of the pool is so important. In fact, I can still hear my mom in the back of my mind--and through my own words--saying,  “Don’t run by the pool!” and “It’s important to know how to float!” and “Will you be able to get out of a tricky situation if you are stuck in the deep end…or in the ocean??!” 

Side note: Does that ever happen to you? Your mom’s voice pops into your head, and you swore you would never repeat what she said, but then... boom! It happens. E-v-e-r-y. Day 

Thankfully, today there are even more advanced kids’ swim programs, like Goldfish Swim School! Goldfish Swim School is the elite learn-to-swim facility for children ages 4 months to 12 years. Their proprietary “The Science of SwimPlay®” Curriculum focuses on teaching swim and safety skills while building character through guided play. 

I am grateful for the discipline my mother instilled in us when it came to taking swimming lessons, and for making sure we followed through. Now more than ever I realize how important this skill is; it allows you to explore the ocean, swim in the lake with your friends, and splash and play at the pool all while staying and feeling safe.